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Genelia D’Souza Likes And Dislikes

are you ready for Genelia D’Souza Likes And Dislikes. Genelia D’Souza has been the favorite of so many people. Her innocent looks and gentle way of speaking has taken away the heart beats of so many people. Even after getting marrying at an early age of her career the rate of her fan following has not been decreased. She was born on 5th August 1987. She was born and raised at the place of Bombay, India.  Among her family mates and friends she is known with the nickname of Cheenu and Geenu. She is not just an Indian actress but even known out to be the model and host too. She has been the part of Tamil as well as Telugu films and then later she made her way to Bollywood. She started with the acting career with the film Tujhe Meri Kasam in the year 2003. She has been the part of so many films and has even given appearance in the advertisements and commercials. She is married with famous actor Ritesh Deshmukh and is mother of a son.


List of Genelia D’Souza Likes and Dislikes:

skirts and short dresses as she feels uncomfortable in it.

Genelia D’Souza has quite acting after getting married but she has dream to act along with Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit. These two are her favorite actresses as well.

Genelia D’Souza inspiration for entering in the acting is Madhubala.

If she was not an actress she would probably be thinking about continuing with her studies.

Genelia D’Souza loves to do the role of Rani Mukherjee in Black.

She mostly likes to wear traditional clothes in which her favorite outfit is anarkali dresses.

In the food items she likes to eat homemade simple food items such as fish and rice.

She dislikes wearing


Genelia D’Souza dislikes the people who give false statements about others without knowing the reality facts.

She likes to spend her holidays in the destination of Paris.

She likes to watch cricket and Basketball as her favorite sports.

Genelia D’Souza dont like the men who smoke or drink. Therefore she has chosen the life partner who dont even smoke and drink.

She dislikes the people who make pranks over others for no reason.

Genelia D’Souza dislikes doing dancing.

She likes to do shopping very much. Her favorite shopping destination is London.

Genelia D’Souza likes to listen soft and romantic stuff of music.


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